Bosch GBH 3 vs. Hilti TE 7

Frauen sprechen DICH an!

Haben neulich bei uns den neuen 3-Kilo-Hammer von Bosch gegen unsere Hilti getestet. Seht selbst: Der Boschhammer geht ab ohne Ende.

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24 Responses to “Bosch GBH 3 vs. Hilti TE 7”

  1. wafrederick sagt:

    Bosch does make junk and their products are cheaply made.I will never buy a Bosch product!

  2. viktorvaughn31 sagt:

    What a bunch of morons….. the TE 6-A is not designed for breaking concrete. It is only ment to drill holes if you want to chisel get a TE 7C

  3. HomoGnosticus sagt:

    If you want a small hammer for light to middle duty work like slashing walls for electrical installation or for
    tearing off tiles and for semi professional hobby usage of all kind get a 2-3 kg blue colored Boschhammer, best power for the price, but for long term heavy duty demolition jobs I would rather go with a Hilti.

  4. hmz985 sagt:

    try dynamik tools

    DKH45E-D he will smash Bosch and Hilti

  5. hmz985 sagt:

    dynamik power tool

    DKH45E he will kill Bosch and hilti

  6. J0Boa sagt:

    bosch hammers have the highest impact energy in their class

  7. 1badpete999 sagt:

    Are those two tools the same price ?? if not then take a Bosch tool that exactly the same price as the Hilti if you want to do a true comparative test …lol for the same price you can get a Bosh jack hammer !

  8. k1kick sagt:

    I bet that hilti te 7-c is made in china

  9. TheFreddyloksta sagt:

    Fucken Germans, write so we can understand!

  10. perkerfrans sagt:

    lol some slow hammering. and the pointy chisel aint the best for breaking concrete.

  11. MitkoMarchokov sagt:

    @aidysas : Wow man once my bosch GBH 5-40 fell down from 4th floor and nothing happened with it so … BOSCH FOREVER !!!

  12. GluteusMax173 sagt:

    give me a framing hammer you panzys

  13. freddytk421 sagt:

    Just hit that shit with a chinese hammer. $1.00

  14. perkben sagt:

    was wurde denn da gefaked…HILTI macht die besten Bohrhämmer der Welt!!!

  15. mushkamusic sagt:

    it’s pretty obvious that the idiot with the Hilti isn’t applying any pressure.

    Daft Video.

  16. aidysas sagt:

    I drop once my hilti from 3metres high on the concrete floor and nothing happened.I always buy hilti

  17. labada131 sagt:

    this vid. was put on by some one that works for bosch.that chap useing the hilti is puting no presure on the tool, where as the chap on the bosch is lean hard on the tool, bosch would do 80% asmuch as hilti, but prob. only half the price of the hilti and last half the hiltis life

  18. vxAREKxv sagt:

    I never gonna buy Boschs fail me to many times. I have demolition buisness For me only Hilti, Makita and DeWalt exist if we are talking about tolls from “Home Depot”.

  19. albanozi1 sagt:

    This video makes me laugh… Hilti Is the best tool out there…

  20. sociedadpublika2000 sagt:

    I dont understand , I have a Hilti te2m
    drill and cut concrete like butter

  21. hanneszett sagt:

    i worked with a big Bosch and an equal Hilti for a week….Hilti is the best.

  22. aberdeendeltaforce sagt:

    I sometimes think companies put this shit on the web on purpose, HILTI is probably the best tools money can buy, my TE 2 has has been through hell and back, yet it still performs like new.

  23. Deanzsyclone sagt:

    Amen! One sided video

  24. darkohelc1 sagt:

    This video is GARBAGE.

    Bosch GBH3@ 3.5 Joules vs. Hilti TE7-c @ 2.6 Joules ( non-Hilti chisel !!!) CAN NOT compare.
    You should tested Hilti TE 16-C @ 3.6 Joules with polygon breaker chisel!
    ONLY then you can be the judge on performance!

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